Brand leadership sprint

Understand the history and essence of branding, the impact and power of brand identity, and the importance of building trust. Use storytelling to position yourself as a brand leader.

19 July – 2 August 2024 (online delivery)

$1,195 AUD
$895 for alumni

Learn from leading thinkers and industry experts at the University of Sydney and Interbrand.
Understand the fundamentals of building a memorable and trustworthy brand.
Receive a University of Sydney digital badge, your personal brand leadership credential.

Rigorous. Practical. So good.

In our digital world where consumers face an overwhelming number of decisions, leaders must understand how brand is one of the most valuable assets for their organisation.

Understand brand impact

Learn about the history of brands and brand theory and its importance for organisations.

Learn about brand value

Describe the significance of brand value and how to build brand value.

Tell a good brand story

Identify the features of good brand storytelling, including brand archetypes.

Develop a brand strategy

Gain insights about brand positioning and consistency.

Meet your sprint leader.

Learn from leading thinkers and industry experts at the University of Sydney and Interbrand.

Andrew “Billy” Baxter

Adjunct Professor of Marketing
The University of Sydney Business School

The 24 Hour Business Plan

In partnership with

Nathan Birch

Nathan Birch

CEO, Australia & New Zealand

Sprint program.

The sprint has four self-paced modules and three online live sessions designed to fit in any busy schedule.

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Live session 1
Module 1
Module 2
Networking event
Live session 2
Module 3
Module 4
Networking event
Live session 3
Indicative calendar only. Days may change for each delivery.

Have more questions?

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you decide if sprinting is right for you! If you still have questions however, send an email to

Each module will include around 30-40 minutes of essential video content, and then extra content (such as readings, podcasts, additional videos) if you wish to extend yourself. Workbook activities are comprised of reflective questions that will help you consolidate your learning from the videos and apply this learning to organisations you are familiar with. They should require no more than an hour’s thinking. Workbooks are not assessed, they’re designed to give you chunky questions to think about.

Live sessions will run for around 90 minutes, with additional networking and question time afterwards if you choose to stick around.

Additional activities, such as reading, conversations, and bonus content will allow you to dive deeper into the topic. You’ll have access to the modules after the sprint is complete, so you can always return to the extension activities later.

That’s not a problem – all live events will be recorded and made available in our platform so you can watch them whenever you want. Of course, if you want to network with your cohort outside of the Slack chats, it’s best to show up for the live event!

We’ve designed the course to be time zone-friendly, so you will be able to complete it when it suits you. The three live sessions are recorded, and the Slack channels are open at all times for discussion – your cohort will be able to reply when they are next online!

You’ll be completing your sprint with a group of participants, so you’ll have a unique channel on Slack to communicate with each other. We really want to build a community during each sprint, so this will allow you to meet others, share ideas, ask questions, and hopefully stay in touch after the sprint is finished.

To keep it simple, we’re using widely available, free platforms. The workbook and assignment use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. Live sessions happen on Zoom. Group chat can be accessed by Slack. Video content is hosted online in the sprint hub.

No! We’ve designed the modules to be engaging and you can complete them at your own pace. They should be easy to complete on the day they are released and fit in with your other work commitments. Workbook activities will require no more than an hour’s thinking, and they help build towards your final project.

Not at all! We’ve designed it to draw on the work you complete in your workbook and throughout the modules and to be completed within a week of finishing the sprint. We want you to be able to complete this work individually, and without interrupting your working week.

The final project will become available halfway through the sprint. The project focuses on your own experience and an organisation you work for or with, so you may find yourself so interested that you want to invest more time working on it!

Yes! After our sprint leaders have had a chance to review your final project, your microcredential badge will be issued by the University of Sydney. Your badge is issued using the Accredible platform, and is stored securely and verified on the Bitcoin blockchain.

There is a discount for alumni! We have partnered with the Centre for Continuing Education to offer a discounted price of $995 for the brand leadership sprint (normally $1,195). Complete this form to confirm your discount.

We’re happy to discuss options for group sign-ups and bespoke offerings of the sprint. Get in touch to learn more.