AI fluency sprint | The future is AI

AI fluency sprint

6 – 20 September 2024
$1,295 AUD ($995 for alumni)

Build an understanding of the opportunities, capabilities and challenges of AI and engage confidently with key stakeholders.

Brand leadership sprint | Branding is everything

Brand leadership sprint

19 July – 2 August 2024
$1,195 AUD ($895 for alumni)

Gain insight into the key features and strategies involved in developing and building a trustworthy brand.

The Net Zero sprint | Zero is the new hero

Net Zero sprint

19 July – 2 August 2024
$1,195 AUD ($995 for alumni)

Learn how to account, report and act on your business’ carbon emissions and make the transition to net zero.

Geopolitics and business sprint | Go beyond borders

Geopolitics and business sprint

20 September – 4 October 2024
$1,195 AUD ($995 for alumni)

Learn strategies and tools for navigating geopolitical risk, international politics and the global economy.

Productive workplace communities sprint.

Productive workplace communities

Launching in 2024
$1,195 AUD ($995 for alumni)

Learn the techniques to lead through community-building and create an engaged, productive, and purposeful hybrid workplace.

Generative AI masterclass

31 July 2024
$495 AUD ($295 for alumni)

Generative AI has arrived and it’s changing how we work. But how can you use it effectively?

Future sprints

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Explore the fundamentals of quantum computing and its implications for the future of business.

Learn how to better manage large and complex projects to deliver on time and high-quality outcomes with superior results.

Learn about ways to transform your workplace into a thriving and equitable environment ready for the future.

Master the art of anticipation, scenario planning, and shaping possible futures for your organisation.

Build your organisation’s skills in service and work design in a complex and rapidly evolving globalised economy.

Learn how to identify healthy ways of working and leading, and connect with peers across industries.

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