Last year at SXSW Sydney we told you AI was coming for your job. This year, AI is on the news, in our offices, teaching our classes, influencing elections, and living in our homes.

Announced today by SXSW Sydney, Associate Professor Sandra Peter and Professor Kai Riemer will be back on stage at SXSW Sydney in October 2024!

Like the Force, AI is everywhere. And like the Force, AI has a light and a dark side.

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This year, we’ll will show you what you need to know next, to put AI to use in your organisations and in your lives, to be more productive and efficient. But at the same time, AI can also make life more difficult, boring, or dangerous. So, what can you do about it?

In this session, you’ll hear from Sandra and Kai, two experts who connect cutting-edge research with real-world business and work, and who know that real insights can be, and should be, deeply entertaining.

Sandra and Kai will show you what you need to know next, while also making light of the dark side of AI. You will walk away with a practical and nuanced perspective on what generative AI can do today, its potential impacts on work and life, and key issues for the next year.

According to a 2024 AWS study, 94% of employers and 90% of workers expect to see benefits from using Generative AI in their work, but most of them are unsure of what skills they will need. More democracies are voting this year than any time in history and everyone wants to understand the impact of AI on elections: from deepfakes to fact-checking. Chatbots are making us more productive, neural networks are inventing new drugs, and deep learning has entered the classroom. But ChatGPT still struggles to count the legs on a cat.

Where is AI taking us next? Should we be worried? Should we be excited? Join Sandra and Kai for another whip around the state of AI in 2024, and what you’ll be able to do with it next!

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